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Beginner's Guide to e.l.f. Cosmetic Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are the ultimate tool for flawless application of makeup. However, with so many types of makeup brushes available, it can be hard to differentiate the purpose of each makeup brush. Starting out with makeup can be daunting, especially when it comes to choosing the right brushes to use, however, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive beginner makeup brush guide to help kick start your makeup brush journey.

In this beginner makeup brush guide, we will go through the different types of makeup brushes that everyone should start out with in their makeup bag. These brushes are the building blocks to any makeup look and are the perfect place to start for anyone who is unsure about which makeup brushes they should be choosing. From concealer brushes to eyeshadow brushes, we will take you through each one and outline their uses, making sure you have everything you need to achieve a flawless makeup look.

Highlighter Brush

Get glowing with the e.l.f. Highlighter Brush! This fluffy, tapered brush is designed to perfectly apply highlighter for a lit-from-within glow. The soft, synthetic bristles pick up powder and cream products with ease and blend them onto skin seamlessly. Lightly swirl the highlighter brush over your favorite highlighter shade. Then gently sweep it along your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and above your cupid's bow to highlight your favorite features. The tapered brush head gives you precise application so you can target the high points of your face. The fluffy bristles diffuse the product, blending away any harsh lines for a natural glow.

Buffing Foundation Brush

Unlike a traditional foundation brush that is flat, a foundation buffing brush is round and has more of a tapered dome shape on the top. This brush helps to take your blending to the next level and allows you to apply, buff, and blend your favorite creams, liquids, and even powders for a selfie-ready airbrushed finish. You can also try using it to blend in your cream bronzer, blush, and even highlighter! We think you’ll quickly find it to be one of your most used brushes in your kit.

Powder Brush

This soft, dense brush is designed specifically for applying both wet or dry makeup products, such as foundation, bronzer, or loose powder. The full, rounded shape and tapered bristles allow you to buff product into the skin seamlessly. Use the e.l.f. Powder Brush to set your liquid foundation with a translucent powder. Simply swirl the brush into either a powder or cream product, and blend into the skin using circular motions.

Precise Eyeshadow Blending Brush

This versatile brush features a tapered tip and densely packed bristles to precisely apply and seamlessly blend eyeshadow. The slim shape allows you to blend color in the crease and outer corners for a diffused, smoky effect. We love using it to apply a transition shade in the crease to make eyeshadows blend together flawlessly.

Use the Precise Blending Brush in sweeping motions to blend out any harsh lines. The results are a perfectly blended, crease-free eye look every time! This brush is a must-have for creating both simple daytime eyeshadow and dramatic evening looks. The e.l.f. Precise Blending Brush makes pro-level blending easy!

Flat Concealer Brush

Get flawless, natural-looking coverage with the e.l.f. Flat Concealer Brush! This handy brush features a wide, flat head with synthetic bristles designed to blend liquid and cream concealers seamlessly. Lightly dab the concealer brush into your liquid concealer and apply to areas you want to cover like blemishes, under eye circles or discoloration. The shape and density of the brush allows you to really press the product into your skin for a full coverage look.

The soft, flexible bristles won't absorb excess product so you get the most coverage with minimal waste. The short handle gives you complete control for precise concealer application. This concealer brush pairs perfectly with e.l.f.'s 16HR Camo Concealer or Hydrating Camo Concealer for unbeatable full coverage.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush

This must-have brush features a tapered head and fluffy, synthetic bristles designed to blend powder eyeshadow seamlessly. Use an eyeshadow blending brush to apply your base lid color all over the eyelid. Then, use a sweeping motion to blend the edges and achieve a soft, diffused look. The tapered shape is perfect for applying color in the crease and blending it up towards the brow bone. The e.l.f. Eyeshadow Blending Brush makes blending a breeze so you can achieve stunning eyeshadow look like a pro!

Eye Contour Brush

Get expertly blended eyeshadow looks with the e.l.f. Eye Contour Brush! This versatile brush features a tapered head and fluffy, synthetic bristles designed to blend powder eyeshadow seamlessly. The soft, rounded tip allows you to apply base lid colors all over the eyelid with ease. Use an eye contour brush in sweeping motions to diffuse harsh lines and blend for a flawless finish.

Whether you’re creating a subtle daytime eye makeup look or bold smoky eyes, this makeup brush is key. This brush makes blending easy so you can achieve stunning eyeshadow results like a pro. Keep it on hand for effortless application and seamless blending with any powder eyeshadow look!

Eyebrow Duo Brush

The e.l.f. 2-in-1 Eyebrow Duo Brush features a spoolie on one end and an angled brush on the other end, making it easy to shape, define and set your eyebrows. Start by using the spoolie to brush brow hairs upward and outward for a fuller, fluffier look. Then use the angled brush to apply brow powder, pomade or pencil in short, hairlike strokes to fill in sparse areas and define the shape. Next, use the spoolie again to blend your brow product, softening any harsh lines for a natural look.

Keep this eyebrow duo brush in your makeup bag to touch up stray hairs and maintain your brow shape anytime. Use the angled side to conceal any sparse spots, then brush through hairs again with the spoolie. Get perfectly groomed brows with this eyebrow duo brush!

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

In order to create a flawless looking application every time, we recommend washing your makeup brushes after every use. Whether you’re using these makeup brushes on yourself or doing your bff’s makeup, it’s important to keep your brushes sanitary and clean.

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to clean makeup brushes, we recommend a daily brush cleaner that will wash away any dirt, makeup, oil and debris that may be left on the makeup brushes. Simply spray the makeup brush bristles with a daily cleaner, gently wipe the brush onto a clean cloth to remove the makeup, and allow the makeup brushes to fully air dry before the next use.

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