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By Jeanette Crutchfield

You already know how to use your basic makeup brushes, but how about more unique brushes? We are going to go deeper into the world of makeup brushes and tools and explain what they are and what they are used for. If you are new to makeup brushes, we recommend you read our Beginner’s Guide to Makeup Brushes. It will give you the basics of 6 different makeup brushes. We also explain how to clean your brushes. Now let’s take this one more step further as we add more brushes as well as some tools into your makeup brush arsenal.

Buffing Foundation Brush

Unlike a traditional foundation brush that is flat, a buffing foundation brush is round and has more of a tapered dome shape on the top. This brush really helps to take your blending to the next level and allows you to apply, buff, and blend your favorite creams, liquids, and even powders for a selfie-ready airbrushed finish. And it’s not just for foundation. Try using it to blend in your cream bronzer, blush, and even highlighter. You’ll quickly find it to be one of your most used brushes in your kit.

Blush Brush

Think of this blush brush as the baby sister of the fluffy powder brush from our beginner brush guide. It is still super fluffy, but in a smaller size. This allows you to create a more detailed look. It does a beautiful job at placing your blush exactly where you want it, whether on the apples of your cheeks, upward along your cheekbones, or even a fun blush look up near your temples. You can also use it with a powder bronzer for a more subtle contoured look. The size of the brush is perfect to blend the bronzer in the hollows just under your cheekbones.

Highlighting Brush

At first glance you might mistake this brush for your blush brush. It’s very similar in shape, however it is not as dense as your blush brush. While the blush brush is primarily used to apply a lot of pigment in one particular area, a highlighter brush is designed to help you put just the right amount of powder highlighter just above your cheekbones so you can achieve the perfect amount of luminosity and glow for your complexion.

Some days you want just a little glow which is why the brush is not as dense. Other days you want full max glow, so you simply use the highlighter to deposit another layer of until you reach the shimmer you want. A highlighting brush is also great for using with blush when you want an overall rosy complexion. You can use this brush to blend just the slightest amount of blush across your nose and even the outer edges of your forehead.

Smudge Eyeshadow Brush

If you love a smoky eye look, then a smudge eyeshadow brush is a must have in your makeup brush collection. The bristles are short and dense allowing you to apply the pigment exactly where you want helping you achieve intensely smoky looks. Dip the smudge brush in your eyeshadow and gently buff it above and below the lash lines extending outward for a little bit of a wing. This brush is also great for smoking out eye pencil. Put your eye pencil on as you normally would, then use the smudge eyeshadow brush to gently buff the eyeliner until you get the soft smoky look you want.

Face Sponge

Face sponges are ideal for really pressing your foundation into your skin, giving you an absolutely flawless complexion with effortless blending. Use it for your foundation as well as your concealer. Use the larger side of the face sponge to pat your foundation on your skin until blended. Use the smaller side of the sponge to pat your concealer where you need it- under eyes, nose, chin, etc.

A sponge is also a great tool to use with your makeup setting spray. Mist your face all over and then press the sponge into the skin to really help your makeup stay put longer. As with makeup brushes that you used with cream products, you really should wash your face sponges after every use. Use the same technique as with your brushes and lie them flat on a towel to dry.

Eyelash Curler

Upgrading your old eyelash curler to a premium eyelash curler can give you that extra long-lasting, eye-opening lift for lashes that appear longer and more voluminous. Premium eyelash curlers with ergonomic handles make for a more comfortable, easy-to-use experience. If you’re new to the eyelash curler game, simply center your lashes between the top and bottom of the curler and slowly squeeze the handles together. We recommend holding for about 10-15 seconds, and then release. Follow with your favorite mascara.


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