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[Miles] Hey, guys. It's Miles, the senior product development manager of e.l.f. Cosmetics.

[Anna] And I'm Anna, the global makeup artist. Today, we're going to take you through all things skincare and answer some of your questions.

[Anna] Here we have our Holy Hydration! Melting Cleansing Balm. This is a solid cleansing balm that turns into a luxurious oil that helps melt away that makeup. This is infused with hyaluronic acid, ceramides and peptides, and the formula is really meant to help hydrate and nourish the skin. This has a milky texture that will help melt away stubborn makeup including our No-Budge Eyeliner, or waterproof products, and even mascara that gets stuck and clumped into your lash line.

[Miles] SPF, it rinses so beautifully and then ideal to go into your next step if double cleansing. Okay, so this is our Holy Hydration! Daily Cleanser. It's a lightweight gel formula that gives you a beautiful foaming cleanse and leaves you feeling hydrated and not stripped, but it takes away any additional makeup. I love this as a second step of my double cleanse, but it's also perfect in the morning to make sure you wake up a hydrated and clean skin and then prep for makeup.

[Anna] Absolutely. I actually use this in the daytime and I use the melting cleansing balm at night as my double skincare routine, but this is actually, like he said, it's very soft foaming and it's gentle on the skin. You do not feel stripped. Because I do have dry skin, this actually helps keep that nourishing feel to my skin after it's been washed.

[Anna] What's great about double cleansing is that if you do have stubborn oils or even stubborn makeup or makeup that you've worn all day, it's going to help break down that first layer and melt it away. Then the other portion, the daily cleanser, is going to help clean out those pores and just really get rid of those impurities and give you that really clean, fresh complexion.

[Miles] Like attracts like, so if you have oil-based makeup, an oil-based cleanser is going to help break that product down, it's going to remove it from your skin. Then you follow it with a water-based makeup remover or water-based cleanser, like the Daily Hydration Cleanser, and that's going to help take the rest of your makeup off.

[Anna] Next up, we have our Holy Hydration! Face Cream. This is a lightweight, yet non-greasy moisturizer that you can use for daytime or nighttime. It's great for dry, normal, combination, and oily skin. This is actually infused with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, peptides. There's just so much in here to even name, squalane. All of these are going to help lock in that moisture and give you that really nice nourished and hydrated plump skin.

[Miles] We developed this to be used with your makeup. Unlike many other creams that pill when you wear it or when you quickly apply your makeup on top of it, this product doesn't pill when you apply it. It layers beautifully with your makeup and gives you that flawless finish.

[Anna] The great thing about this is that it comes in a fragrance-free face cream formula as well, but the regular original actually gives you a nice, clean, fresh scent. It's nothing too overpowering and it's non-irritating, at least for me.

[Miles] All right, so this is our Holy Hydration! Eye Cream. It's my favorite product of the entire Holy Hydration! line because this is the most luxurious eye cream. Just like the rest of our Holy Hydration! line, it has hyaluronic acid and peptides in it, so it's going to give you really plump, hydrated under-eye area and it layers so beautifully with your makeup.

[Anna] I use this before makeup, at nighttime as my treatment, just because if you haven't had a good night's sleep, it's really going to help. For me, it helps me look a little bit more awake.

[Miles] Look alive, you know.

[Anna] Yeah. We all suffer from those sleepless nights. When I do apply, I'll use my ring finger and I'll do the upward, outward motion. Then whatever's remaining, I like to put on my forehead lines and my laugh lines because I feel like it needs that hydration and love.

[Miles] I love that you said that because I actually take what's left on my ring fingers and actually press it into my lips, because you need a little moisture and a little hydration and then I'll lock it in with a moisturizing lip balm or something or one of our occlusive balms.

[Anna] That's a good little tip, thanks.

[Miles] We asked you on social media, what are your top skincare concerns, and Anna and I are here to answer some of them. Okay, so first up is "What order should I do my skincare routine? Does the order even matter?"

[Anna] Yes, order does matter. The reason for that is so that your skin is able to receive the full benefits of each product. When it comes to a skincare routine, you want to start off with cleansing your skin, then you could do a toner and you can move into the serums, then you could go on your eye cream and then your moisturizer, and then lastly, you can do your SPF if you're doing it in the daytime. Another rule of thumb is if you're unsure of which products to put first, whether it be serums or boosters or oils, I would say think of the consistency. The thinner it is, the easier it is to absorb, so You want to put that closest to your skin first. If it's thicker in consistency, like an oil, you want to put that last because what that does, it's going to help seal in all of those ingredients that you put before.

[Anna] Next question "Is Holy Hydration! suitable for oily skin?" People often think that because you have oily skin you're not going to moisturize, and that's the actual opposite. You want to trick your skin into thinking it already has oils on your skin by moisturizing. That's why your skin is producing that much oil, is because it's lacking that oil for that moisturization.

[Miles] We chose squalane in the Holy Hydration! Face Cream because it is the closest to your natural oil texture, so your body actually thinks that it's produced this oil for it.

Next question is "What is the difference between hydration and moisturization?"

[Anna] Hydration is basically the absorption of moisture from the air that actually infuses into the skin. If you really think about it, it's going to plump up your skin cells so that it can better absorb the nutrients and moisture. With dehydrated skin, you'll notice that your skin is dull and lackluster. You'll see a little bit more fine lines and wrinkles. That's really a telltale sign that you need key products that have more hydration properties. Humectants are what draws in that moisture, and examples of humectants are glycerin and hyaluronic acid. You'll notice that you need more moisture when you see some dryness or flakiness to the skin, or after you've gotten out of the shower, you feel a little bit of tightness after it's dried, that means that you're lacking oils. Products like squalane are going to help keep in that moisture, which is why this Holy Hydration! skincare line is actually really great.

[Anna] A lot of people misunderstand why they need hydration, why they need moisturization. The rule of thumb is you want to hydrate first, because that's going to quench that thirst, and then moisturization is to help seal in and lock in that moisture and keeping that water into the skin. But the great thing about this is that our Holy Hydration! Face Cream has both. It has hyaluronic acid and squalane, which is going to help hydrate and moisturize so you don't have to guess which one is best for you. It's going to help put in that moisture and lock it in so that you have that plump and even complexion.

[Miles] Okay. Little additional moment with that, I like using the cleansing face balm with a little bit of warm water on it. While you can use a cleansing cloth by itself without a makeup remover, I love it with the cleansing balm because it really will help just wipe away any of that extra product.

[Miles] And if you have really stubborn makeup on, like your stubborn eyeliner or some mascara, just rest it on and it will help just slide everything right off.

[Anna] 100%. I actually do that.

[Miles] Me too, it's my favorite way to remove the cleansing balm.

[Miles] All right. Thanks so much, guys, for watching. We hope you had some fun and learn some things about the e.l.f. skincare.

[Anna] Leave. Any questions that you have in the comments below. Bye.

[Miles] Bye

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