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10 Tips to Help Minimize the Appearance of Eye Bags

What are eye bags?

Eye bags and under eye circles may be caused by the weakening of the skin around your eye area.). Once the structure of your skin starts to weaken, your skin may start to sag, creating what we know as eye bags. This can also cause darkness in the hollows due to the thinner skin around the eyes

There are no magic potions or magic wands that can whisk them away entirely. However, there are some skincare and cosmetics that may help diminish the appearance of eye bags and dark circles. Read below for different lifestyle and product tips to help you with your eye bags and under eye circles.

Here are 10 Different Ways to Help Minimize the Appearance of Eye Bags

Wear sunscreen everyday

Daily sunscreen use may help protect the skin from damage caused by the sun. When skin is damaged, it weakens it and can cause it to sag and droop. This includes the eye area.

Elevate your head while you sleep

When you sleep, fluids can pool around your eyes making your eye area look puffy in the morning. By sleeping slightly elevated, you can help that fluid drain properly rather than contribute to your puffiness.

Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep can make the circles under your eyes look darker as well as puffier. Getting a full night’s sleep can help your peepers get the rest they need and minimize your eye bags.

Use an eye cream with Hyaluronic Acid

We know that eye creams are important to the health of the skin around your eyes, but choosing one with hyaluronic acid can help improve the appearance of your dark circles as well. Hyaluronic acid helps to plump up the skin. This can make the skin appear to be thicker making any blood vessels or darker skin appear lighter.

Keep your allergies under control

When you have allergies, you have excess fluid throughout the nasal cavity area which can make your eye bags and dark circles look worse. Visit your doctor to get treatment for your allergies which can also help your eye bags.

Limit your salt intake

We all know that salt can make you bloat, and that’s exactly what it can do to your under eyes. Too much salt can contribute to puffiness.

Take your makeup off before bed

Not washing your face before going to bed can make your eye bags appear to look worse. You not only have all your makeup on your face and around your eyes, but you also have any dirt and pollution on your face from the day. Remove your makeup by using a makeup removing cleansing cloth, cleanse your skin, and use an eye gel designed for puffiness and you’ll wake up to a more refreshed eye area.

Apply cold compresses

Coolness can help to control any swelling or puffiness around your eyes. You can simply take a cool wet washcloth and drape it over your eyes to help. You can also put your favorite eye gel in the refrigerator and then apply it for a dose of coolness. Either way, anything cool on your eye bags can help the appearance of the puffiness.

Try Using Retinol

Retinol is known to help improve your collagen. Collagen and elastin are responsible for maintaining the structure of your skin. When your structure gets weakened, the skin around your eyes can also weaken causing it to droop and give you the appearance of eye bags. An eye cream with retinol can help improve the look of eye bags and undereye circles.

Find a concealer with vitamin C in it

Vitamin C can help to reduce free radicals in your skin as well as help to brighten your complexion. Using a concealer with vitamin C can help your skin defend itself against damage while helping you to cover up any dark circles.

You can’t completely get rid of eye bags and undereye circles, but by taking care of yourself overall as well as the delicate eye area, you can look more well-rested and not have to hide behind a pair of sunglasses all day.