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How to Get the TikTok Viral Strawberry Makeup Look

By Maria Scenna

TikTok has long inspired trends, especially food-inspired beauty trends whether it be latte makeup, dolphin skin, or now, strawberry makeup. Strawberry makeup is just what the name implies and is based on the bright pink and red hues of a strawberry. It looks good on everyone and is a very simple summer makeup look to recreate. Read on to learn more about how this viral beauty trend started and how to get it!

What is Strawberry Girl Makeup?

Strawberry girl makeup is a glowy makeup trend that incorporates red and pink shades of the summer fruit. Pink cheeks and glossy red lips will leave you with a sun-kissed glow! It’s easy to recreate on any skin tone and you can even add faux freckles if you don’t have any for a fresh, natural look.

Achieving the strawberry girl makeup look is simple. All you need is some luminous foundation, pink cream blush, some highlighter, red lip gloss and voila—glowing skin for the win!

Step One: Glow all Out

Say goodbye to matte or dull looks. Strawberry girl makeup is all about the glow! When it comes to this beauty trend, there is no need for skincare. Perfect your skin with a luminous, radiant glow by using a lightweight and glowy foundation. Ideally, use one that is buildable to create a base for your summer makeup.

Consider a glow complexion booster with a sheer tint that will hydrate your skin for a smoother, softer look. Wear it alone, mix it with the foundation for a soft-focus finish or use it as a highlighter to illuminate your face.  For sheer coverage and a light glow, blend it by using the bottom of an angled face sponge. For a luminous base, wear it under foundation by buffing the liquid glow booster with a duo brush. And use a blending brush to mix the complexion booster with the foundation for a natural dewy glow.

Step Two: Add Blush

No pink makeup look would be complete without pink shades of blush! Use a soft pink cream blush on your cheekbones, bringing it upwards. This will lift your face up and make you appear more youthful and refreshed. Then, layer that with a darker pink blush in the center of the cheeks to create the illusion of rosy cheeks! You can use the tips of your clean fingers to carefully blend both blushes together.

Pro Tip: For a fun, flirty touch, show off your freckles or add some with a brow pencil. Not only is it ultra precise as the name implies, but it comes in four available shades so you’re sure to find one that suits you. To make the freckles look more authentic, use a wet beauty sponge to tone down the color.

Step Three: Layer on Highlighter

Enhance the glow factor by adding in a liquid highlighter. Highlighter attracts light and enhances your skin tone. It can also give the appearance of a lifted bone structure. Use a highlighter shade that complements your skin.

Apply highlighter to areas of your face that will emphasize your natural features and attract light, such as on your cheekbones and temples, down the bridge of your nose, under eyebrows, the inner corners of your eyes and above the cupid's bow. You can use a fan brush, a damp makeup sponge or even your fingers to blend the highlighter out for a glowy makeup look!

Step Four: Glossy Lip

After you’ve completed the rest of your makeup, it’s time to add the finishing touches to your lips. If your lips are chapped from the summer heat, you might want to consider getting rid of the dry, dead skin with a lip exfoliator. With softer lips, your lipstick or lip gloss will look smoother and stay on longer.

Then, line your lips with a lip pencil that will match your lip gloss. You should typically use a lip liner that will be a few shades darker than your lips. Finish your look by adding a moisturizing sheer lip balm. This will allow your lips to appear fuller and add a beautiful shine for the perfect pink makeup!