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How to Apply Blush According to Your Face Shape

By Brooke Sager

There are so many different beauty products out there lobbying for a place in your makeup routine, but a gorgeous blush should be a staple rather than an extra. With just a few well-placed swipes, blush gives your cheeks a glowing, healthy-looking flush while enhancing your overall makeup look.

But here comes the tricky part: figuring out where to apply color to ensure your blush complements your face. The first step? Identifying your face shape. Whether you have a round, square, oval, diamond-shaped or heart-shaped face, you can use blush to your advantage to help you accentuate your best features—but color placement and technique matters!

To help you nail your blush application every time, we’re breaking it down below into one easy-to-follow guide. Read on for expert tips on how to identify your face shape, tricks for applying blush to help complement each shape, plus a few of our e.l.f.ing favorite product reccos—including our fan favorite Camo Liquid Blush!

How to Apply Blush on a Round Face

A round face is defined by having a rounded forehead and jawline with soft angles all around. This face shape is circular and pretty symmetrical—the length is about as long as it is wide, and the cheekbones are the widest part of the face.

If you have this face shape, you can use blush to help accentuate your features with a natural-looking flush. The trick: apply the blush slightly above your cheekbones to help create definition and visibly elevate the look of your face shape without enhancing your cheeks’ natural roundness.

Using the outer corners of your eyes as a marker to guide you, apply blush right above the apples of the cheeks, blending upwards and outwards.

PRO TIP: Consider opting for a powder matte blush or a formula with a semi-matte finish over one with a shimmery finish to avoid giving your round cheeks a cherub-like appearance.

How to Apply Blush on a Square Face

Square faces look similar to round faces, but they are a bit more angular with very few curves. With this face shape, the corners of the forehead, cheekbones and jaw bone are usually the same width.

To enhance the best features of your square face with a rosy flush, the key is to apply blush directly onto the apples of your cheeks—this will help them look rounder and fuller, which will beautifully balance out your face’s angles.

PRO TIP: Locate the “apples” by smiling, then look for the parts of your cheeks that become full and round.

Our Halo Glow Blush Beauty Wand features a radiant liquid formula that gives cheeks instant luminosity and dimension, which can help beautifully soften the edges of a square face.

To apply blush, start in the center of the cheeks (use your pupils as a marker to ensure you don’t place color too close to your nose), then blend color outwards with your angled blush brush. Work toward your ears in soft, circular motions until your flush is well-blended.

How to Apply Blush on an Oval Face

Think you might have an oval face? You could be right if your facial features appear to be a little longer than they are wide. This face shape typically has a rounded chin and jawline, with the forehead area having the most real estate.

When it comes to blush placement on an oval face, you’ll want to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks—the goal is to widen the look of your facial shape and visibly lift the look of your cheekbones, all while imparting your complexion with a natural kiss of color.

After you contour your face (which is applied right below your cheekbones), follow your contour color with your go-to blush shade and formula, applying it right on top of your cheekbones. Then, blend the two together upwards and outwards in sweeping, circular motion.

How to Apply Blush on a Diamond-Shaped Face

A diamond face is essentially a more angular oval face. This face shape is characterized by having a narrow forehead and pointed chin, with the cheekbones being the widest part of the face.

If you’re looking to enhance your stunning cheekbones and soften your face’s angles, a well-placed blush is your best friend!

PRO TIP: Try using our Camo Liquid Blush if you have a diamond-shaped face—the dewy finish will help give your angular features a soft glow!

Apply one-to-two dots of liquid blush slightly higher on your cheeks (right above your cheekbones); then, using your liquid blush brush or makeup sponge, seamlessly color blush outwards toward your ears to create a diffused, glowy look.

How to Apply Blush on a Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces feature a wider forehead that tapers down to a pointier chin. If you were to draw this face shape’s outline, it would resemble the classic symbol of love (hence its name!).

If this sounds like you, you can really use blush to your advantage to help round out the appearance of your cheeks and soften pointy features. When applying color, follow the apples of your cheeks by starting a bit lower, then swinging your blush brush in a “C” shape upwards toward your temples (right above the tails of your eyebrows). Blend well by following the “C” in a back-and-forth motion to give cheeks the perfect kiss of color that also gives your face a beautifully lifted look.