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Bronzing Drops and Holy Hydration! Face Cream: Your Dream Summer Duo

By Aimee Lubrano

Glowing, bronzed summer skin is the goal all year round. And getting that sun-kissed look without sacrificing your skin to sun damage is possible thanks to the genius idea of mixing bronzing drops into your moisturizer. By blending just a few drops of bronzer into your face cream, you can instantly warm up your complexion, add depth, and achieve a luminous, bronzed look—perfect for those who seek a radiant, sun-kissed summer glow without the need for excessive sun exposure.

Achieving that healthy summer complexion is the popular beauty trend elevating natural makeup and complexions to goddess status. Whether applied all over the face or strategically placed to highlight specific areas, mixing bronzing drops into face moisturizer offers a simple yet effective way to enhance natural beauty and achieve a radiant complexion.

So this summer, get your perfect golden hour glow with the summer duo you never knew you needed.

Can You Mix Bronzing Drops with Moisturizer?

Adding bronzing drops to your moisturizer is a quick and easy way to achieve a luminous, sun-kissed glow while simultaneously hydrating the skin. Whether you're after a subtle hint of bronze or a more intense sun-kissed effect, mixing bronzing drops with moisturizer is a versatile and convenient technique for achieving luminous, radiant skin with minimal effort.

Simply blend a few drops of the e.l.f. Bronzing Drops with the Holy Hydration! Face Cream, and adjust the ratio to achieve your desired level of bronze. For the most natural results, start small with a couple of drops and build up to your preferred bronzed glow. If a natural, glowy makeup look is all you’re after, this is a one and done step that doesn’t require you to do much else.

When adding bronzing drops to your moisturizer, follow these easy application tips for the radiant glow that enhances your natural beauty:

  1. Start with a small amount: Dispense a small amount of your moisturizer onto your fingertips or the back of your hand.

  2. Add bronzing drops: Using a dropper, add a few bronzing drops to your moisturizer. Start with 1-2 drops for a subtle glow, and add more as needed.

  3. Mix well: Use your fingertips or a bronzer brush to thoroughly mix the bronzing drops into your moisturizer until they are fully blended. To avoid streaks or uneven application, ensure that the product is evenly distributed.

  4. Apply evenly: Smooth the bronzed moisturizer over your face and neck, blending it into the skin with gentle, upward strokes. Remember to pay extra attention to areas where the sun naturally hits (like the tops of the cheeks, bridge of the nose, and forehead) to achieve natural-looking, glowy highlights.

  5. Build up gradually: For a more intense bronze, layer additional drops of bronzing drops mixed with moisturizer onto the skin. But make sure to blend each layer well for seamless application.

Different Ways to Use Bronzing Drops

Bronzing drops enhance your makeup look on your face—without question. But don’t stop there! You can also create that radiant, sun-kissed, healthier glow head-to-toe.

  1. Mix with foundation: Blend a few drops of bronzing drops with your liquid foundation to create a customized tinted moisturizer or BB cream for your face or any other part of your body that needs an extra bit of coverage this summer. This technique adds warmth and radiance to your complexion while providing sheer coverage.

  2. Highlighter: Apply a few bronzing drops to the high points of your face (cheekbones, brow bones, and cupid's bow). The reflective particles in bronzing drops can mimic the effect of a liquid highlighter, adding dimension and pops of light just where you want it.

  3. Body bronzer: Become the bronzed goddess this summer by mixing bronzing drops with your body lotion or body oil to create a shimmering body bronzer. Apply the mixture all over to any bare area—arms, shoulders, legs, and décolletage—to enhance your natural tan or add a dewy, sun-kissed glow while moisturizing your skin.

Use Bronzing Drops to Bronze the Skin

Sometimes you don’t want to wear any makeup. But it’s easy to do that when your skin is sun-kissed and glowing. But you don’t have to lay out in the sun and risk sun damage to get that bronzed skin.

Sun-kissed skin sans makeup starts by selecting one of the three inclusive shades e.l.f. Bronzing Drops that complements your skin tone. Once you apply your daily skincare, you can forgo the makeup and instead slay with a bronzed, glowy no-makeup look.

Apply a few bronzing drops to your hands and gently press into skin on the areas of the face and body where the sun naturally hits and kisses your skin. Places like the bridge of the nose, forehead, temples, cheekbones, jawline, decolletage and tops of shoulders. Build up the bronzed color gradually to avoid overdoing it or risk it looking unnatural. Then using a fluffy bronzer brush, lightly dust and blend the bronzer seamlessly into the skin with circular motions to avoid harsh lines. Easy. Fast. Natural-looking!

Use Bronzing Drops as a Glow Primer

Admit it – we all want to look lit from within, as if we’re glowing! Using bronzing drops alone or with your face moisturizer as a perfect glow primer is the makeup game-changer to get you there.

First cleanse and moisturize your skin, per usual, then dispense a small amount of bronzing drops onto your fingertips. Use alone and mix with your moisturizer, then gently dab onto high points of the face focusing on areas where you want to add a radiant glow—cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of the nose, and cupid's bow.

But make sure to blend well with clean fingertips or a makeup sponge to ensure a seamless application and avoid any harsh lines. Once the bronzing drops have been blended in, it’s time to apply with your regular makeup routine. The bronzing drops will act as a luminous base, providing a radiant glow that shines through your makeup.

Setting your makeup with a translucent powder or setting spray helps to lock everything in place and prevent any unwanted shine. The only shine you want is that radiant, sun-kissed complexion shining through your makeup.

Add Bronzing Drops to Foundation

That’s right, by mixing your bronzing drops with your foundation, you can elevate your glowy makeup routine, giving your complexion a radiant boost and a healthy, natural-looking glow that will have everyone thinking you just returned from the beach or a tropical getaway.

Simply mix a few drops of bronzing drops with your liquid foundation on the back of your hand or a mixing palette before applying it to your face. This technique allows you to tailor your foundation to match your desired level of warmth and radiance. It’s the perfect way to spice up any matte foundation or simply add a bronzed glow to your foundation creating hydrated, dewy, healthy summer skin with flawless coverage. Now, you’re ready to glow all summer long!