e.l.f. x Jkissa

Jkissa is anything but ordinary. Growing up in Oregon, she was bullied for the things that made her unique like her big eyes, garnering the name ‘Alien’.

One day at the age of 15, Jkissa got her makeup done by an artist at a makeup store and couldn’t believe who looked back at her in the mirror. She saw herself in a different light, and finally saw the beauty that was always there. Now, Jkissa is all about owning what makes you, you, and embracing what others might otherwise use to hurt you. Be yourself is her mantra, and this collection is about expressing your own individual beauty.

The rest is history.

The Collection

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I have always dreamt of the day that I would be able to share a piece of myself, something I have worked so hard on and given my creativity to, and that something is this collection. e.l.f. is such an amazing brand whose love for makeup and all things cruelty-free line up perfectly with the message I hope to convey to my audience and my peers. @Jkissa

The Shades

"I hope you can feel the love that went into this, as well as the personal elements that tie into my life such as the shade named after my precious 3-legged pup Tsuki, or taking what bullies used to call me and owning it and even celebrating it!"

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