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SPF Lip Gloss: Don’t Gloss Over Your Lips Without SPF

By Aimee Lubrano

Sun protection has become a necessary skin staple. We slather SPF all over the body, face, neck, and chest. Many of us even buy skincare with SPF to simplify our daily routine and ensure that we are protecting our faces every day. However, we tend to overlook one of the most important and overexposed areas—the lips.

Lips are often neglected but require special attention because this particularly delicate area is more susceptible to sun damage. Other parts of the body can be protected by clothing and hair, but lips are constantly exposed to sunlight and environmental elements. And unlike the skin on the rest of the body, lips have fewer layers of skin, less melanin, and a lack of natural oil which means less protection against harmful UV rays. The result? Lips are more prone to drying, cracking and sunburn...not to mention potential premature aging and an increased risk of skin cancer.

Not to fret! It’s easy to show your lips some love while protecting your pout thanks to the variety of SPF lip products available—especially our new standout sunscreen superstar!

Why it’s Important to Wear Sunscreen on Your Lips

Ray of sunshine? Yes, please! UV damage? Hard pass. While you're busy applying sunscreen on every inch of exposed skin, don't let your lips become a forgotten burn victim.

Those delicate lips are just that—delicate! With thinner skin and a lack of natural protection, lips are particularly vulnerable to frequent sun exposure and harmful UV rays which make them extra prone to sun damage. That damage can show up as:

  1. Sunburns—usually accompanied by blistering, swelling or peeling

  2. Dry, cracked, chapped lips

  3. Discoloration, dark spots, and patches

  4. Fine lines on and around lips

Enter lip sunscreen for the save—the unsung hero of sun protection. Whether you choose an SPF lip balm or SPF lip gloss, SPF is your Smile’s Protective Friend—protecting your lips from potentially harmful UV rays with broad spectrum protection. Plus, SPF lip products typically contain hydrating ingredients like humectants that provide extra moisture and nourishment. So next time you step outside, remember to give your lips some extra love and swipe on that SPF. Your pout will stay protected, hydrated, and kissable.

Can the Sun Affect Your Lips?

The sun is powerful. Make no mistake. Not only does it provide essential vitamin D, help boost moods, and give us that beautiful sun-kissed glow we love, it can also cause significant harm.

Because lips are thinner and more fragile, they are highly susceptible to sun damage and premature aging—just like the rest of the face.

When we think of premature aging, though, we typically think of the skin on our face. But, hello? Lips are a part of the face. Without proper UVA/UVB protection, the sun can accelerate aging on our delicate lips causing them to become dehydrated, discolored and even develop fine lines and wrinkles faster than other areas. This premature aging, coupled with potential sun damage like sunburn, blistering, chapping, actinic cheilitis (a precancerous condition) and an increased risk of skin cancer, makes SPF lip protection a must for your daily routine. Between SPF lip balm, SPF tinted lip oil, SPF lip gloss, and sunscreen-packed lipsticks, there’s something for everyone—so no excuses. SPF lip products are an easy, quick way to keep lips hydrated, smooth, healthy and most importantly, protected.

What are the Benefits of Wearing SPF on Your Lips?

Want to keep those lips luscious and protected? SPF’s got you covered, literally. Beyond the health benefits of protecting against UV exposure—SPF protection doesn’t just stop at avoiding a sunburn.

SPF is the ultimate beauty hack and secret weapon for your lips and delivers many benefits:

Helps Boost Hydration—SPF balms and glosses often double as moisturizers and contain moisturizing ingredients that nourish lips keeping them hydrated, soft and smooth.

Helps Boost Hydration—SPF balms and glosses often double as moisturizers and contain moisturizing ingredients that nourish lips keeping them hydrated, soft and smooth.

Helps Prevent Painful Sunburns—SPF lip balms and glosses safeguard lips with broad spectrum protection against harmful UV rays when used at directed with other sun protection measures.

Reduces Risk of Skin Cancer—Using lip sunscreen daily helps reduce this risk of cancer if used as directed with other sun protection measures.

SPF & Repeat: The Importance of Reapplication

To maintain a healthy pout you need consistent protection. That’s why it’s important to apply lip SPF every day at least 15 minutes before venturing outside, and also making sure to reapply your SPF lip products every two hours or more frequently if you're swimming, sweating, or eating. Unlike SPF products for the face or body, SPF lip balms or glosses can wear off more quickly due to talking, eating, drinking, licking and wiping lips. And since lips have thinner skin and lack the same protective barrier as the rest of the face, they are more vulnerable to sun damage, so reapplying is key for optimal lip protection.

Reapplication ensures continuous coverage against harmful UV rays, keeping your lips healthy and protected, especially during outdoor activities and prolonged sun exposure in warmer months. However, don’t forget that UV rays are present 365 days of the year, even when it’s cloudy. SPF is not a seasonal protection—but an everyday, year-long lip staple.

Your New BFF in A Gloss: Sun Boss Gloss SPF 25

When it comes to sun protection, there’s a new boss in town. The latest SPF superhero from e.l.f. is the Sun Boss Gloss SPF 25–your new sun protection staple for high-glossed, protected lips. This mineral SPF 25 lip gloss with broad spectrum UV protection and is infused with vitamin E, plus a moisturizing formula to ensure lips stay hydrated, silky smooth, soft and supple, even under the harshest sun.

And it doesn’t stop there. Staying protected and looking fierce is why this boss is the full package. The Sun Boss Gloss SPF 25 shows your lips some extra love giving them a brilliant, high-shine finish that catches the light just right—and also keeps your lips safe from harmful UV rays. It’s a win-win.

Plus, its lightweight, non-sticky formula ensures comfortable wear, while the sheer, universally flattering tints enhance your natural lip color, making it perfect for any occasion. But, if you’re feeling more playful, no problem—its buildable color lets you customize your pout from a subtle sheen to a bold, vibrant hue.

Each application treats your senses to a delightful tropical coconut scent, transporting you to a sun-soaked paradise, so reapplying will be a pleasure!

Slip it into your beach bag or purse, and enjoy protected, irresistibly glossy lips wherever you go.

Sun Boss Gloss SPF 25 Shade Range

As important as it is to protect your lips, it can sometimes be a challenge to find an SPF lip gloss or balm that also gives you the color you want. No one wants to layer products on their lips—that’s a drag.

That’s why the Sun Boss Gloss SPF 25 is everything in one and the all-around perfect sun solution for your pout. This innovative lip gloss comes in a stunning variety of five shades, ensuring there's a perfect match for every skin tone, look and personality. Each shade offers buildable color so you can customize your look, plus a high-shine finish that enhances your lips. It’s the perfect blend of beauty and protection.

From a soft coral and subtle peach to blushful pink or bold berry, these versatile shades allow you to create everything from a natural daytime look to a fun evening pout. Whether you're lounging by the pool, running errands or going to work, Sun Boss Gloss SPF 25 has a shade for you.

Why You Should Exfoliate Your Lips Before Applying Lip Gloss

Exfoliating your lips before applying any lip gloss is a game-changer and a must-do to achieve a smooth, flawless finish. The last thing anyone wants is to accentuate chapped, rough, flakey lips.

In just two simple steps, you can gloss like a boss:

Step 1: Exfoliate

  • Gently exfoliate lips with the e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator to remove dry, dead skin. Infused with exfoliating brown sugar, this iconic sugar lip exfoliator gently buffs, smooths, and softens lips for a more even surface.

  • This formula is nourishing with oils, shea butter and Vitamin E to help moisturize your pout and condition lips for a more kissable feel.

  • This prep step ensures that the SPF lip gloss glides on seamlessly, without highlighting imperfections or settling into fine lines.

Step 2: Gloss & Protect

  • Next, swipe and protect that smoother pout with your Sun Boss Gloss SPF 25 color of choice.

  • Your exfoliated lips not only boosts the gloss’s appearance but also solidifies its staying power, allowing it to adhere better and last longer. Plus, it’ll enhance the absorption of the gloss’s nourishing ingredients, maximizing the benefits.

Differences Between e.l.f.’s Squeeze Me Lip Balm, Glow Reviver Lip Oil & Sun Boss Lip Gloss SPF 25

Keeping your lips soft, hydrated, and sun-protected requires a curated selection of lip products that do more than just add a pop of color. Whether you like a hydrating lip balm, glowing lip oil, or high-shine glossy finish, there’s an emotional support lippie just for you!

  • Squeeze Me Lip Balm: A best-seller for a reason—the Squeeze Me Lip Balm is a lightweight, daily moisturizing lip balm that hydrates and nourishes lips with Shea butter, Hyaluronic acid and Goji berry while providing a sheer, natural tint of color. Finish with Sun Boss Gloss SPF 25 for a layer of sun protection!

  • Glow Reviver Lip Oil: If a luxe, glowy oil is your jam, then drench your lips in the e.l.f.i.n.g. addicting Glow Reviver Lip Oil. A sheer wash of ultra-glossy color, this revitalizing tinted lip oil delivers maximum lip-loving ingredients with an ultra-plush, XXL applicator. Non-sticky with a fresh minty scent, you’ll nourish and hydrate lips whether you wear it alone, or over lipstick. If you want sun protection, remember to finish with a layer of Sun Boss Gloss SPF 25.

With these lip-loving essentials, your lips will stay soft, moisturized, and sun-safe all year round.

  • Sun Boss Gloss SPF 25: A boss for a reason—this mineral SPF 25 lip gloss is a sun superhero that brings UVA/UVB protection and lip-smacking color in one. This multitasker not only delivers a luscious, high-shine finish but keeps your lips protected and hydrated throughout the day when reapplied.

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