e.l.f. Discovery


By Jeanette Crutchfield

Fall is here and winter is not far behind. The long humid days of summer a distant memory. As we get into more dry weather, the question everyone’s asking... Why are my lips so dry??? How do I get rid of chapped lips? How can I keep my lips healthy? With so many gorgeous lipstick shades and textures coming out this season, you want your lips in tip-top kissable shape. We often neglect giving our lips their much-deserved TLC. A DIY lip facial can reveal lips that look and feel smoother for whatever your lips have in store for you this season.


  • A moisturizing lip scrub

  • A lip mask

  • A moisturizing lip balm or lip butter (can be tinted or clear)



You want to choose a lip scrub that is moisturizing so it doesn’t dry out your lips. The idea is to get a smooth and kissable feel, not more dry flakes. Ingredients to look for include jojoba oil and avocado oils which help to moisturize and protect your lips, as well as shea butter which helps give you a nourished and smooth finish. Also, choose a lip exfoliator that uses sugar to gently buff the lips. Salt scrubs can dry out your lips. Do not use a scrub designed for your face. Lips can be sensitive and do not have their own oil glands. A scrub designed for your face can be too harsh for your lips.

Once you have your perfect lip scrub, it’s time to start your DIY lip facial. Using the scrub on slightly damp lips, softly rub the scrub in small, circular motions to gently buff away dry flaky skin on your lips. Don’t forget to buff the area just around the lips (where you would put lip liner on). You want your entire lip area to look supple and gorgeous. Use a moist cotton round or tissue to gently wipe off the scrub.

PRO TIP: For an extra dose of pampering, use a warm, damp cloth and press it to your lips for a few minutes before you scrub. It removes dry skin and help them flake away easier. Bonus points if you put a drop of lip oil on your lips prior to the warm towel for a deeper conditioning treat.


Before we start the lip mask part, let’s clear up some questions you might have on what a lip mask is. Overnight lip masks are all the rage and might have you asking if you really need to add one to your beauty routine. The best lip mask is more than just a balm. They are a leave-on formula designed to condition your lips and give your lips intense hydration while soothing them as well, the ultimate pampering for dry lips. They have powerhouse skin care ingredients to go deeper into your lips than any lip balm or lip butter ever could. Must-have ingredients to look for in your lip mask include hyaluronic acid which helps hydrate the lips. Squalane is a great moisturizer and castor seed oil works great to condition and replenish the lips. Try to avoid lip masks that have any waxes in them. Wax could prevent those nourishing ingredients from melting into your lips giving you that deep, deep hydration. A hydrating lip mask really is the best lip moisturizer out there if it is non-greasy and non-sticky.

Now that you’ve found your lip mask, it’s time to use it! Smooth a pea size amount of the mask all over your lips including just along the edges. Massage it in to give your lips a full spa treatment. Feel the silky formula melt into your lips. Let the mask set for 5 minutes and then gently blot away any excess with a tissue. You do not want to wipe it all off, just take off any excess.

PRO TIP: With the ease and portability of lip masks (and how amazing they make your lips feel), don’t be afraid of keeping them everywhere: your nightstand to put on before you go to bed, the living room table to put on while you’re watching TV, your desk at work for in-between video calls. Lip masks are gentle enough to be able to use all day, every day.


The last step in lip treatment is to seal in all that moisture and hydration with a good lip balm. The wax in the lip balms (as well as in lip butters) can help to create a barrier on your lips to seal in all those great ingredients from the lip mask. You can choose a clear or tinted lip balm. The key is to make sure it’s a moisturizing lip balm. Vitamin E is a nourishing ingredient to have in your lip balm as it helps to continue moisturizing the lips.

Slick your lip balm or lip butter straight from the tube onto the lips to seal in the hydration, add a little healthy sheen to the lips, as well as add a sheer pop of color if you chose a tinted lip moisturizer.

PRO TIP: Gently buff the lip balm into the lips with your finger to really seal everything in and then top it off with a second coat of lip balm. This will seal in the goodness and help your lip balm stay on longer.

Try doing this DIY lip facial once a week to help with more hydrated, smooth, and supple lips. Remember, don’t neglect your lips. You never know when you’ll need them in peak performing shape.