caring for every

eye, lip, & face

staying safe and inspired through COVID-19 and beyond

at e.l.f., we
are one team

We care about every eye, lip, and face in our community. During this uncertain time due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are focused on the health and wellness of our e.l.f. family around the globe. We know, in this moment, your mental, emotional, and physical well beings are being challenged. We’re in this with you.

We want to continue to bring the e.l.f. love to you through content that will hopefully inspire and uplift you. Stay tuned for new ways to interact with our e.l.f. employees, partners and friends as we navigate social distancing together.

what are we doing to keep every
eye, lip and face safe?

charitable donations

“I’m so impressed with the speed at which our executive team donated to the food banks in SF and NYC. And how many team members were asking what more we could do.”
e.l.f. employee
$25,000 Donation to Alameda County Community Food Bank
$25,000 Donation to The New York Common Pantry
$10,500 Donation to Feeding America
$5,000 Donation to No Kid Hungry
$5,000 Bethenny’s Global Empowerment Mission
$5,000 National Alliance on Mental Illness

safety first care packages

Starting with our beloved team members in China, our employees and partners were sent sanitary care packages to help each person feel more prepared during these uncertain times.

“These updates and the continual support shown to all e.l.f. employees and our surrounding communities is like nothing I have experienced from a company before.”
e.l.f. employee

healthcare tips

wash your hands often

With soap and water for at least 10 to 20 seconds and/or use a greater than 60 percent alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

avoid using your open hand to touch frequently used objects

Use only your knuckles to touch light switches, elevator buttons, etc. Open doors with your closed fist or hip, try to avoid grasping the handle with your hand.

avoid handshaking

We are using the ‘e.l.f. elbow bump’ as a way of greeting.

use disinfectant wipes

We are using the ‘e.l.f. elbow bump’ as a way of greeting.

cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue and discard

Use your elbow only if necessary in order to keep your clothing free of potential contaminants.

avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

Wearing a face mask is a good reminder to avoid touching your face.

beauty hygiene tips

Throughly wash your hands with soap and water before applying cosmetics or skin care products

Cleanse your face often

Avoid sharing your cosmetics or skin care

Close all of your products and wipe them down with disinfecting wipes

Clean (or replace) brushes and beauty tools frequently

hand sanitizer production

We're supplying a 60ml antibacterial hand sanitizer free with every order while supplies last

Kills 99% of germs

Alcohol at 62%

Travel size to stay clean on-the-go

Vegan & Cruelty-Free


eyes. lips. face. safe.

Y’all need to lather up! Our viral TikTok (thanks to you!) was turned into a
PSA—keeping hands washed and spirits up. #eyeslipsfacesafe

keep calm
and e.l.f. on

How our #elfingamazing team is staying positive and WFH
moments that make us laugh.

"Pretending to eat Playdough cupcakes while working."

Digital Marketing Data Specialist

"My 2 year old daughter running around naked behind me because she decided to strip down during my video call."

National Account Manager

"I woke up in a panic this morning thinking I missed my train."

Assistant E-commerce Manager

"Husband and I were both working and my daughter made us a sandwich. She is 5."

VP, Digital

zoom rooms

From "quarantini & chill" to "kids art competition"—each week we
have a themed Town Hall to help keep it real and save our sanity.

Lately every day is bring your kid to work day! They remind us how important it is to never hold back, to be creative and to play. Here's how our e.l.f. kids express their eyes.lips.face.

Download one (or all!) of our of our eyes.lips.face. printable coloring pages to unleash your creativity too.

express your e.l.f.

From day one, our team has shared creativity and positive vibes in our
Zoom meetings. Join in on the fun with our free custom backdrops!

Step 1

choose a favorite

Step 2

download to save your image

Step 3

upload as your virtual background